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What inspired you to launch Her Daily Crown?

Honestly, my inspiration came through my frustration with my hair.

I have always enjoyed wearing wigs and weaves , and I’m sure that I have worn every protective hairstyle you can think of. I have been around many women who get to the stage where they want to stand alone in their self-confidence separate from their hairstyle and I was definitely at that stage.

It was challenging because, as a natural, my afro hair was simply not my desired length. Then it occurred to me… headwraps.

I was drawn to the idea of healthy hair and retaining my edges as opposed to neglecting my natural hair and hiding behind wigs. I also wanted to find a protective style that limited hair manipulation and was also quick and easy.

I needed a headwrap that was fashionable, affordable and suitable for everyday wear.  I also wanted to dispel the idea that headwraps are for “bad hair” days and Her Daily Crown is proof of this.Her Daily Crown

Your headwraps are very stylish! Do they also have any practical benefits for the hair?

As the natural hair movement gains momentum, many women are turning to headwraps as a fashionable protective style option. Tucking kinky and curly hair away under fabric reduces the need to manipulate one's curls, and less manipulation means less hair breakage.

Why did you choose 100% cotton for the headwrap fabric?

Cotton headwraps are lightweight, easy to style and non-slip; however, if you want to add extra protection and retain hair moisture, we recommend that you wear a silk or satin scarf under your cotton headwrap for maximum protection and styling versatility.

Which colours are your customers most drawn to this season?

We have X10 Bold and Neutral colours to select from. Our Neutral Collection colours include Black, White, Soft Pink, Beige and Brown. Meanwhile, our Be Bold, Be you Collection includes Orange, Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.

In each collection, there are popular colours. We find that in the neutral collection it is both AMINA (Brown) and NANDI (Black) and in the Be Bold, Be You collection it is ASHANTI (orange) and SAN (Blue). Our customers always feed back about how unique our range is in terms of the colours and the texture of the material we provide.

You’ve got an hour to create a really unique hairstyle with a headwrap - how would you style it?

I think one of my favourite headwraps styles has to be the high bun, where you put your hair in bun and wrap the headwrap around it. This is such a simple way to wrap you hair and is suitable for any occasion. You can keep It simple, or get creative and add some baby hairs or a fringe.

      Her Daily Crown

Your Instagram page shows many customers wearing their hair naturally or in a protective style. Are you a natural hair advocate?

Totally. I love that fact that the natural hair movement has encouraged black women to embrace their natural given afro-textured hair.

Before you begin the natural hair journey, there is a place you get to mentally. It’s almost like a realisation that you can wear your natural hair and still be beautiful. Western standards of beauty push the narrative that long, straight, silky hair is better and we have all bought into this idea at one point or another and it's simply not true. Be authentic, be you! Whatever your hair length or hair texture.

Do you think there are religious or cultural connotations that may make some women hesitant about wearing a headwrap outside of the home?

As a Black owned business that deliberately celebrates Black women through the images on our instagram and website, many people understandably assume that our products are for other Black women and no one else. However we are inclusive and encourage all women and men to use and explore our products.

Women (and men) around the world have worn headwraps in numerous styles, with various fabrics, for many different reasons for centuries. Headwraps are worn for many reasons including religious, cultural and style expression. 

Her Daily Crown is inspired by West African expressions of head dress. Head wraps are beautiful, fun and allow colourful self-expression.

Are there any other hair accessories that you would add to your product offerings in future?

Yes, we are excited about expanding the business and in the future our customers can expect a range of hair products, accessories and tools.

We often share polls on our instagram and engage in customer feedback; we are always aware of what are customers need from us and what to release as the next new product.

Currently we are working on our Silk Headwrap collection for the naturals who are big on retaining hair moisture. Our Silks will be a great addition to our collection and your wardrobe.

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