About us ...




Hi, my name is Crystal White, and I started Her Daily Crown in 2020 to solve some of the frustrations we as black women often have with our hair. Like many other women with Curly, Kinky or Coily hair I faced challenges along my hair journey. I have 4C hair and I have always struggled with embracing the length and texture of my hair , I would spend a lot of time and money on protective styles like wigs and weaves. It was a harsh reality to realise I could not identify with myself as beautiful without hair extensions.I needed an quick, simple and fashionable way to wear my natural hair and this is when I was inspired by headwraps and hair accessories. 

My mission was to create a space that deliberately celebrated black women and the diversity of their natural given hair. 

Here at Her Daily Crown , we understand how versatile and expensive protective hairstyles can be. We  provide stylish, quick and straightforward alternatives to protective styling (Without the Extras). 

Her Daily Crown is inspired by West African expressions of head dress. Our headwraps are beautiful , fun and allow colourful self-expression.

We are inclusive and encourage all women and men to use and explore our products. 



We're continually working on our online store and are open to any suggestions.

If you have any questions or proposals, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@herdailycrown.com.